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In this section we have attempted to explain the battling system used in the Yoda's Yarns. You might want to read this so you can understand how this stuff works, but the moderators take care of most of this.

Battling is one of the most influential activities in the YY galaxy, after all the galaxy is at war (personally I would rather race and play sabacc). Your characters may battle other players or even NPCs (non player characters). Battling is a dangerous thing and will effect your characters future, or lack of one, so never enter one lightly.


Battles occur when a group of players, or players and npcs, engage in combat and would like to have it generated.


There are three rounds in a full battle and you can request to have a battle generated 1 round at a time so you can make decisions as to how you should proceed in the next round depending on what happened in the first round etc.



1. A Character opens a thread in the Generations Forum: "Insert name of topic where battle is occurring."

i.e.:  "Bendan and the Rebel"


In the body of the post include:

  • A link to the role-play thread

  • The characters, vehicles, and/or starships involved.

  • Your character's applicable stats and equipment stats

  • It is also important to note any bonuses the characters have in case the generator should miss them.

  • The participants should post who they will be attacking.


2.  The Moderator will generate a three rounds of combat (or 1 at a time if requested).

  • Generator calculates who struck who and who missed then assigns damage.

  • Generator posts results and summary of battle/race/sabaac game in the role-play thread and in the generations thread.


3.  When the conflict has ceased the Generator totals damage inflicted on each character and divies out wounds, rewards, and experience.


  • Totals damage inflicted by each character, multiplies it by 7, adds 150, and awards credits.

  • Generator gives each player 5 experience for participating plus 5 for each round a character successfully struck an opponent.

  • At the end of the three rounds if the players want to continue to battle for more rounds all they need do is continue to role-play then request another generation.

A battle cannot continue when one side is unable to fight or has fled.

  • Characters have to fight one round before they can flee.

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Rewards, Wounds, and XP




You will only receive credits and experience from your personal actions in a battle meaning only damage YOUR ship inflicted or blaster bolts YOU fired.


Type of Battle


Personnel and Vehicle

Total damage inflicted times 7 + 150 - Repair costs

Fighters and Freighters

Total damage inflicted times 5 + 150 - Repair costs

Capital Ships

Total damage inflicted multiplied by 2, 50 for ion cannon hits, +150 - Repair costs


IMPORTANT NOTE: Repair costs are ONLY taken from the REWARDS of the battle but rewards cannot go below 150. Any repair costs that exceeds the characters winnings are negated at 150 - 150 credits minimum will always be received.


I.E. I make 2150 credits from the battle but my corvette is shot to crap and my repair costs are somewhere around 3000. My reward does not go negative and become costs it is simply reduced to the lowest possible which is 150. If repair costs had only been 1000 then my rewards would be 1150 credits. Please direct any questions to a moderator and moderators direct your questions to you know who.



  • A character receives 5 experience plus 5 for every round the character successfully strikes an opponent in a standard 3 round battle generation. (Large Capital ships add up total weapons and one 'strike' equals 1/5 (one fifth) that total. So fractions of  'strikes' will also be included and rounded to the nearest whole number). Any battle generation that lasts for only 1 or 2 rounds does not receive the automatic 5xp but only receive xp when hit.

Wounds and Capture


This is merely an brief overview refer to the Wounds page for full information.


Repairing Vehicle and Starship Damage

  • Without any repair droids vehicles can be repaired at the rate of 10 damage points a day and starships at a rate of 20 damage points a day. The various repair droids add to the amount of damage points that can be repaired in a day, but a droid can only be used on one vehicle/vessel at a time.

Character Capture and Near Death Wounds

  • In Personnel battles when a combatant reaches near death wounds and another does not and has less than severe wounds the one who does not have severe wounds may "capture" the near death combatant provided no one is there to stop him.

  • If a combatant receives Near Death Wounds he is "knocked out"

  • If a combatant receives Near Death wounds he loses 30 experience points. (brain cells from the trauma - 5 XP from each skill except force strength.

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Personnel Battles


Targets are random unless character targets specific person in the generations thread or in the role-playing thread.


Unarmed Combat Damage

50-100 Melee XP

5-10 Damage

101-250Melee XP

5-15 Damage

251-350 Melee XP

5-20 Damage


  • Base 33% chance to hit.

  • Chance to hit cannot drop below 15%

  • Chance to hit cannot exceed 90%

  • Armor absorbs or deflects an amount of damage that is not counted toward wounds.

  • A combatant receives 5 experience points every round he causes damage or successfully uses a force power during the three rounds.

  • A combatant may receive a maximum of 20 experience points per battle.

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  • A duel must be a personnel battle.

  • Any weapons may be used excepting grenades.

  • One round is generated unless no one hits.

  • The character who hits wins.

  • If both hit the round is a draw.

  • Winners get 5XP - in draws both get 5XP.

  • Wounds are real.

  • No armor is allowed in a duel.

  • No credits are awarded.



Starship Battles





  • 5-35 Damage


  • 40-85 Damage

  • (-20% to hit starfighters when fired from a capital vessel; to hit cannot go below 15%)

Ion Cannon

  • 10% chance to knockout a weapon type, hyperdrive, shields,  megalight, or hyperdrive.

  • +5% cumulative chance to knock out a system each hit.

Warhead Launcher

  • 60-120 Damage

Tractor Beams

  • May Attempt to lock on to a substantially smaller ship per tractor beam with -20% penalty.


Tractor Beams

  • Every round after a successful lock the ship may automatically hit the tractored vessel or pull into docking bay for capture if the ship is small enough to fit.

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Vehicle Battles




Anti-Personnel Laser
  • 10-30 Damage
  • +15% to hit

Light Laser
  • 15-45 Damage
Medium Laser
  • 25-65 Damage
Heavy Laser
  • 45-85 Damage
  • 75-120 Damage
Warhead Launcher
  • 90-140 Damage


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