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All descriptions found in this section are derived from The Completely Unofficial Star Wars Encyclopedia.

Abrax Cognac   
a pale blue, alcoholic distilled spirit. It was favored by New Republic General Salm.

this is a potent Wookiee liquor.

Agaric Ale   
this foul brew was favored by the Neimoidians.

this protein drink is consumed by spacers to keep their bodies healthy during long runs. It is served hot.

Alderaan Rouge   
a very rare and expensive liqueur.

Alderaanian Ale   
this fermented, alcoholic beverage was brewed from the fragrant grains once native to Alderaan.

a wine best served at 50 degrees, in a 40-degree glass

Altha Protein Drink   
this was a fairly tasty, protein-packed drink that was favored by athletic beings during the early years of the New Republic.

Altorian Milk-ale   
a strange beverage fermented on Altor 14.

Aludium pu-36   
this unusual, green alcohol was used in some of the strangest drinks of the Old Republic.

Andoan Ale   
green, alcoholic beverage.

Andoan Wine   
this distinctive wine was produced on Ando, and was aged in heavt casks.

Angerian Fishak Surprise   
this mixed, alcoholic drink was a favorite at the Binary Bar on Venaari.

Anoat Malted   
this is a rich, sweet beverage has a deep, smoky flavor.

Antakarian Fire Dancer   
this was a potent alcoholic drink.

Aquilie Water   
this was a bottled spring water favored by the Empire during the height of the New Order.

this was the name of the most popular alcoholic beverage produced by the Ardees Beverage Company, during the years following the Battle of Naboo. Note that the adaptation of Star Wars: Epsiode II - Attack of the Clones, by Patricia Wrede, indicates that ardees is the beverage consumed by Obi-Wan Kenobi and Dexter Jettster, as opposed to jawa juice.

this was a drinkable form of bacta, developed during the early years of the New Republic. Despite its obvious healing benefits, bactade looked like muddy water and tasted like chalk.

Bantha Blaster   
a green and pink alcoholic drink that fizzes and pops as it goes down your throat.

Bantha-blood Fizz   
an alcoholic drink made from clarified bantha blood.

Barium Frizz   
an alcoholic concotion created by Wuher.

Bavva Ale   
this wretched brew was fermented aboard the Happy Failure, in a still formed from the innards of an Incom N21-3 power converter.

Belaria Juice   
this fruit beverage was favored by the Iotran race.

Bellorian Ale   
a malted, alcoholic beverage fermented in Elrood Sector.

Bendbelly Dark   
this heavy, full-bodied beer was popular during the New Order.

Bespin Port   
one of the finest port wines created in the galaxy.

Blue Ale   
this is a form of beer that is brewed on many worlds.

Blue Dwarf   
an alcoholic beverage.

Blue Milk   
this nutrient-rich beverage is served on worlds where natural resources are scarse. Planets such as Tatooine consume blue milk to supplement the water-poor diets of its inhabitants. Blue milk is also rumored to have medicinal value.

Blue Tonic   
one of the key ingredients in making a Reactor Core.

Breath of Heaven   
an expensive, nearly pure grade of alcoholic drink.

this was a form of chanpagne enjoyed by the citizens of the New Republic, even during the Yuuzhan Vong invasion of the galaxy.

C Tea   
a nickname given to a Calamarian tea brewed from ocean plants.

a stimulating beverage.

this stimulating beverage, favored on Core Worlds like Stassia, was best served hot.

Calamari Xinphar   
a drink favored by Ibtisam. Nrin Vakil remembered that Ibtisam had ordered one shortly after the Battle of Brentaal.

Calamarian Water   
this filtered water was produced from the oceans of the planet Calamari, during the Yuuzhan Vong invasion of the galaxy.

Cambrian Wine   
this was a fine wine produced during the height of the New Order.

Cassandra Sunrise   
this alcoholic beverage is similar to a Tatooine Sunburn, only much more potent.

Cassandran Brandy   
one of the finest brandies created in the galaxy. It is created with arcane procedures, and is well-worth the effort and expense.

Cassandran Choholl   
another of the renowned Cassandran spirits, it is better even than Cassandran Brandy.

Celanon Semi-Dry   
an excellent, but unrefined, wine.

Chadian Rum   
this version of rum was distilled on the planet Chad.

Chagarian Ale   
an alcoholic beverage.

Chandrilan Herb Tea   
brewed from leaves grown on the planet Chandrila, this tea was known for its soothing properties.

this refreshing beverage is best served cold.

this beverage, usually served hot, was consumed on the planet Beheboth.

a drink with a euphoric taste. It was often served hot, but could be used as a dressing or additive to sauces.

Chimbak Wine   
this vintage was produced on the planet Alderaan during the last decades of the Old Republic.

a form of hot chocolate.

Churban Brandy   
a wonderful fermented spirit from the Churba System.

Claing Juice   
this strong, red, alcoholic beverage was fermented on Nierport Seven, from the small berries of the thorny claing bush that grew on the moon's cold surface.

a strong, hot, stimulating beverage.

this was an alcoholic concoction which was popular in the Outer Rim during the early years of the New Republic. After the liquids were mixed in the glass, and impassioning machine excited the molecules of the beverage, giving the tongue a sort of electrifying sensation as it was consumed.

Corellian Ale   
a full-bodied brew.

Corellian Brandy   
an interstellar spirit, used as the main ingredient in a Twistler.

Corellian Double-brandy   
a twice-fermented version of the basic Corellian brandy.

Corellian Reserve   
a vintage of whiskey fermented on Corellia.

Corellian Rum   
an interstellar spirit.

Corellian Spiced Ale   
one of Han's favorite beverages.

Corellian Twister   
an alcoholic beverage.

Corellian Whiskey   
a highly-intoxicating beverage.

this is a strong alcohol produced by the Wookiees.

Corvani Rum   
this was Suroc's favorite liquor.

this was a form of inexpensive wine which was produced on the planet Ando during the height of the Galactic Civil War.

Dalkash Ale   
a flavorful ale brewed on the planet Lianna.

this rich, tasty beverage is fermented from terrberries, spicy nuts, and stored in Parein Sweetgreen fruit shells. At first, the drink is highly refreshing. However, the alcohol content hits you hard about a hlaf-hour later. It originated on Parein II 4.

this was an alcoholic spirit consumed on Redcap.

Deltron Spice Wine   
this was a strong, spicy wine which was favored in some of the galaxy's seedier cantinas. Unlike most alcoholic beverages, which acted as depressants when imbibed, Deltron Spice Wine was an addictive stimulant.

Dentarian Ripple   
a deceivingly strong alcoholic drink.

Derellium Wine   
a native Lianna vintage of wine.

Desert Bloom   
this mixed, alcoholic drink was popular at the Bantha Traxx establishment on Lianna.

this strong, alcoholic beverage was often consumed in single shots.

Doan Wine   
this good spirit induces a state of shock when imbibed in great quantities.

Dodbri Whiskey   
this is an awesomely strong spirit.

Dorian Quill   
an alcoholic beverage aged 12 years or more.

Dornean Brandy   
a fine, distilled liquor created on Dornea.

Doth Brandy   
this well-aged alcoholic spirit is considered a delicacy by the rich and powerful. It compliments the taste of tranna nougat, and is often consumed with the sweet candy.

Double-Dip Outer Rim Rumdrop   
this specialty drink, made from a variety of alcohols and mixers, was developed by Shayne Gerarre for the Spirited Spirits shop, located on the planet Cularin.

Doxxen Tea   
a steeped brew favored by the Shashay.

this was a draught fermented beverage produced on the planet Kodai.

Dresselian Beer   
a foul-smelling, cheap beer.

Drilbian Wine   
a tasty fermentation enjoyed by Siene Symm.

Dun Brandy   
an aged alcohol favored by the Krish.

an alcoholic concoction that uses a phosphorescent agent to make it light up.

Ebla Beer   
an alcoholic brew favored by Captain Huba.

Ebranite Lu-ramin Oilmead   
this beverage is created with lu-ramin as its base.

Elba Beer   
a brew that Chewbacca likes to drink.

Elba Water   
a non-alcoholic beverage created from elba.

Elshandruu Pica Thundercloud   
a mixed drink often served with a fizzy head formed by ionized gas. Some establishments used microshocks to illuminate the gas, making it look like a thundercloud. This particular beverage is highly inebriating.

Endorian Port   
this full-bodied, sweet wine was vinted on the Forest Moon of Endor during the second decade of the New Republic.

Endrolian Ground-apple Juice   
this beverage is supposedly non-alcoholic, but it can be quickly fermented into a fine spirit.

Ergesh Rum   
this highly-priced spirit is fermented on Ergesh.

a particularly dark, rich variety of coffeine. It is usually consumed in small quantities.

this was a mixed, alcoholic drink favored by beings of the New Republic during the Yuuzhan Vong invasion of the galaxy. It could be served fizzed or atomized, although the fizzed version was considered a drink for occasional drinkers.

a highly-carbonated beer.

this is a carbonated beverage enjoyed throughout the galaxy. The Squibs use empty Fizz-Pop cans as the badges of their most trusted diplomats.

an intergalactic carbonated beverage favored on Nar Shaddaa and many backwater worlds.

a drink Han Solo liked to partake of every so often. If mixed properly, it could burn the tongue while freezing the throat.

Forvish ale   
an interstellar brew

Fox Beer   
a malted beverage created in the Outer Rim.

an inebriating Outer Rim beer favored by Rars Lefken.

this bubbly beverage was often served frozen or iced.

Frosty Sulphate   
an alcoholic concotion created by Wuher.

Fruit Fizz   
a non-alcoholic drink favored by many of the New Republic's starfighter pilots.

Fungus Ale   
this beverage was fermented from munch-fungus by the Twi'leks.

Ganno Juice   
this thick, black, syrupy juice was favored by the Jawas, but its bitter taste was hated by most other races.

this is a potent alcohol created by the Wookiees.

Garwillian Champagne   
this was a failry common form of champagne.

a drink favored by the Mon Calamari.

Geillian Ale   
an interstellar brew.

Gingenny Grog   
a light, sweet beer.

Gizer Ale   
this fermented beverage is blue in color.

Gizer Pale Blue Ale   
a lighter version of Gizer ale, Luke Skywalker kept a supply for visits from Han Solo.

Glastroan Wine   
this wine was produced by the Bimms who lived in the city of Glastro.

Gorimn Wine   
this fermented Wookiee beverage is considered mild, although it packs a wallop to humans.

Gralinyn Juice   
this fermented Wookiee beverage is considered mild enough for humans to drink.

Gralish Liqueur   
a form of alcohol preferred by Moranda Savich.

Gravdinian Ale   
this was considered one of the galaxy's most "dangerous" beers. A sweet beer once it has fully fermented, Gravdinian Ale gave off a strong vapor as it fermented. In concentrated amounts, this vapor could be lethal.

Green Champagne   
a green-colored, sparkling wine.

this was a bitter-tasting brew, steeped from the dried shells of insects native to the planet Geonosis.

Gruvian Tovash   
this was an alcoholic spirit produced on the planet Gruvia. It was favored by Koth Melan and many other Bothans. It was discovered that Gruvian Tovash, when mixed with ryll spice, reacted with incendiary force. Many criminals made bombs by smuggling ryll into an event and the mixing it with the liquor pruchased from the bar. Ryll addicts often drank a shot of Tovash after consuming ryll, burping up puffs of blue smoke as a way to impress their friends.

Halmad Prime   
this grain alcohol was one of the primary exports of the planet Halmad. It was regarded as the best, and most expensive, alcohol produced on Halmad, and was only available on its world of distillation through the black market. Almost all Halmad Prime was shipped off to Imperial worlds.

Hapan Ale   
a mildly-intoxicating beverage brewed in the Hapes cluster.

Harmon Kizzlebrew   
this beer was favored in the Mid Rim, and was an excellent accompaniment to steamed yazstrimskizzies. This is a reference to the baseball player, Harmon Killebrew.

Haven Water   
this was the name of the pure, spring water bottled by Mister Mxil on the planet Port Haven. It came out of the ground at incredibly cold temperatures, which resulted in a low mist hanging over the spring when it hit the warm jungle air.

Hot Chocolate   
pretty much what it sounds like; Lando gets Luke to start drinking it.

Ice Blaster   
an alcoholic beverage made from Sullustan gin.

Idlewil Liquor   
this rare, expensive alcohol was distilled by the Shashay.

this alcoholic beverage is often served with water and ice.

Ithorian Mist   
this was a form of whiskey created by the Ithorians.

this is a drink given to Wookiee children. It is fermented from alcoari milk and vineberry extract, and is very sweet to the taste.

Jaffa Cider   
this pressed, mulled juice was known for its rich fragrance.

Jargridian Brandy   
an inexpensive alcohol, Jargridian Brandy was the favorite of Brooser.

Jawa Beer   
a cheap, quickly-brewed concoction created by the Jawas.

Jawa Juice   
this mixed, alcoholic drink was popular at the Bantha Traxx establishment on Lianna, during the height of the New Order. The origins of Jawa Juice can be traced to Dex's Diner, on the planet Coruscant, more than twenty years before the Battle of Yavin. Note that the adaptation of Star Wars: Episode II - Attack of the Clones, written by Patricia Wrede, indicates that this beverage was called ardee.

Jeru Tea   
a syrupy, sweet tea that has a calming effect when imbibed.

a kind of moonshine made by Han Solo and Chewbacca during their early smuggling days.

Johrian Whiskey   
this was a blue-green grain alcohol.

Juma Juice   
this non-alcoholic beverage was favored by many Jedi Knights, during the last years of the Old Republic.

Juri Juice   
an inebriating concoction favored by Kabe.

Kareas Brandy   
this distillation was favored by General Hestiv.

Kenley's Lager   
this micro-brewed beer was popular during the early years of the Galactic Civil War.

Kibshae brandale   
an interstellar spirit. '48 was a good vintage.

Kopi Tea   
this steeped tea was brewed on the planet Frego. When properly brewed, Kopi tea was a deep orange color.

this spiced fruit juice was a favorite among the Bothan natives of the planet Bothawui.

a red drink favored by the Ssi-ruuvi, its contents are not known.

KyLessian Fruit Distillate   
a fine spirit enjoyed throughout the Outer Rim.

this orange-flavored cinnamon drink was favored by the natives of Meirm City, on the Copper Coast of Sriluur.

this was a distinctive, blue-green alcohol distilled from the nectar of the blossoms of the t'iil plant. Because each t'iil blossom only produces a single droplet of nectar, and because they must be picked by hand, hundreds of thousands of blossoms must be harvested each year to produce a small vintage of l'lahsh. This forced the price of l'lahsh to a high level, especially offplanet. Note that the Star Wars Radio Drama indicates that l'lahsh was a form of food.

this bitter, spicy beverage produces a foamy, green head when poured. It is best served chilled.

a powerfully intoxicating beverage favored in the Corellian System but found throughout the galaxy.

Luranian Brandy   
a fine fermentation of fruit, often served in a deep, wide-bottomed snifter.

Mad Mrelf   
this is a strong, Corellian liqour. Many a spacer would go on drinking binges and consume more Mad Mrelf than they could hold, and they ended up in Imperial labor camps for their conduct.

Malt Ferment   
this mildly-alcoholic beverage was popular among the younger generation of moisture farmers on the planet Tatooine, during the height of the New Order.

Megavegiton Ale   
this alcoholic beverage is favored by Yarblok Yemm.

Meir Wine   
this intoxicant was developed on the planet Sullust, around the time of the Battle of Naboo.

this alcoholic beverage is similar to a Reactor Core. It is made from Spice Liquor and Lum.

Menkooro whiskey   
an interstellar bourbon.

Merenzane Gold   
a subtle, sweet-tasting alcoholic beverage that has been brewed in the galaxy for thousands of years. Depending on the vintage, it can be quite expensive. It was the favored beverage of Kardue'sai'Malloc, who consumed it under the alias of Labria.

it does exist! Luke and Owen share milk at dinner after buying C-3PO and R2-D2, and Leia drinks it warm to settle her stomach during her first pregnancy.

this was the name used to describe the ultra-pure water condensed from the clouds of the planet Barnaba. It was bottled and sold throughout Tapani Sector, and commanded a high price during the height of the New Order.

Muja Juice   
this juice was created from the berries of the muja tree.

Mutant Zombie Cooler   
a mixed beverage Han Solo makes sarcastic reference to while escaping with Dracmus from the Human League on Corellia.

Namana Nectar   
a thick, pale orange liquer produced on Bakura, it has a delicate, floral aroma and fruity taste.

this Mandalorian alcohol is famous in the Outer Rim Territories.

Naris-bud Tea   
a stimulating drink.

Necr'ygor Omic   
an interstellar wine ('47, '49, '50, and '52 were good vintages).

this was an inexpensive liquor that was favored by Watto.

this wine is fermented from the fabled fruit fields of the planet Nepoy.

Nepoy Juice   
another name for the nectarwine produced on the planet Nepoy.

this frothy, powerful alcoholic beverage was created by the Nikto race.

this was an alcoholic beverage brewed on Aduba-3.

Noonian Fixer   
this alcoholic concoction was guaranteed to make you forget your troubles.

Norvanian Grog   
an old, expensive intoxicating beverage. A 400-year-old bottle is exquisite. It is produced on the island of N'van on the planet Ban-Satir II. (

Orgone Bubbler   
this beverage is characterized by a frothy, purple head.

a barely-palateble beverage, orotay found acceptance among the armed forces of the New Republic because it helped them stay alert. Ronks were found to be allergic to it. Following the Battle of Endor, orotay production fell off, and the price began to rise.

Orryxian Catsblood   
an alcoholic beverage favored in the Outer Rim.

Osskum Ale   
an alcoholic beverage.

Ottegan Mead   
this slightly-sweet malted beverage is created in the Ottega System.

a drink brewed from the paricha root, usually served spiced. It is described as having a soft flavor.

Pawei Juice   
a tart drink.

Pepper Tea   
a strong, stimulating variety of hot tea.

this was a soft drink favored by the youth of the galaxy, during the height of the New Order.

Pica Thundercloud   
a green, alcoholic beverage which is sipped, rather than mixed or swilled.

Pink Lizard Thunderbolt   
this alcoholic concoction is similar to an Elshandruu Pica Thundercloud, and is named for the indeterminate species of small reptiles that created it.

a fermented spirit.

Polanis Ale   
a heady brew.

Polanis Wine   
a full-bodied red wine.

Polaris Ale   
an alcoholic brew favored by Muftak the Talz, it is best served tepid.

this was an alcoholic concoction that was used in a variety of unusual drinks during the last decades of the Old Republic. It could be carbonated in various levels, creating a wide spectrum of bubbly drinks.

Potwa Beer   
an alcoholic brew created by the Gamorreans.

this was the traditional Socorran liquor, brewed from the zsajhira berries which grew near caches of water in the Doaba Badlands. The berries were fermented in a mixture made from purified water from the planet Neftali. The recipe for raava was originally developed by shamen of the Ibhaan'I tribe and was eventually entrusted to the Ethra Brewery, and was a heavily guarded secret. When presented to another Socorran, along with the gold hoop Socorran men wear in their ear, it demands that the receiver provide any assistance they can to the bearer.

Ragnook Spring Water   
this refreshing water was captured from springs hidden in the Ragnook Mountains of the planet Kothlis.

R'alla Water   
the sweet, clear water found in the mineral springs of R'alla. It is very expensive, due to its purity and taste, and was often smuggled off-planet for sale at cutthroat prices. After the rise of the New Republic, the water was made more plentiful by an increase in trade with R'alla.

Randoni Yellow Plague   
a strong brew created on Randon and copied at cantinas throughout the galaxy. It is best served chilled.

this Socorran liquor was favored by Shamus Falconi, especially after a successful mission. It was illegal in some systems, including the Shesharile System.

Reactor Core   
many individuals claim that this alcoholic beverage should only be available via prescription. It is made from Spice Liquor and Blue Tonic.

Red Dwarf   
a potent drink.

Rek Tea   
this was one of the many kinds of tea which were brewed by the Korunnai from the leaves of plants found in the jungles of Haruun Kal.

Remote Terminator   
a strong beverage whose contents vary. The partaker can have the drink served in a preprogrammed fashion, or they can the ingredients randomized.

Renan Irongut   
this strong, alcoholic concoction is named for what you need to have in order to drink one.

Renan Wine   
a fine, fermented vintage.

a strong drink often imbibed by Lando Calrissian.

Rhuvian Fizz   
an alcoholic drink.

Rodian Ale   
this was a fermented malt liquor produced on the planet Rodia.

Ruby Bliel   
this non-alcoholic drink is a favorite of young children.

Rummy Tonic   
an alcoholic beverage.

this warm beverage was a staple on the planet Exocron, and was often drank in the mid-afternoon.

a highly-charged, carbonated beverage, Rush contained enough natural stimulants to keep the average human wide awake for several days.

Rydan Beer   
an alcoholic brew.

Ryll Beer   
this fine lager is created with a touch of ryll spice.

Sand Wine   
this form of wine was created on the planet Tatooine.

Savareen Brandy   
this brandy is created with arcane procedures, and is well worth the time and expense.

Savareen Brandy Stinger   
an alcoholic drink favored by Tribune Challer, Ysanne Isard's agent put a lethal dose of poison in one for him. Challer was killed almost instantly by the poison.

Sea Dew   
this beverage was created by the Quarren, and was popular in many bars.

Settov Hammer   
a strong alcoholic beverage.

Shasa Ale   
an ale favored by the natives of Ado Sector.

Shesharilian Vodka   
this powerful liquor is fermented and bottled in the Shesharile System.

Silika Water   
a highly-potent alcoholic distillation created by the Silika race.

Single-celery Soda   
this is a favored beverage of the Ugor race.

Sith Scorcher   
this was one of the more popular mixed drinks served at The Glow Dome, on Adarlon, and was set afire before being served.

Skannbult Likker   
this alcoholic drink is made from surplus dust-corn and dry gene wheat on the planet Skann. It has been described as the galaxy's most volatile form of fire-water.

this refreshing beverage is best served cold.

this beverage could be served cold or boiled, depending on the drinker's tastes.

a thick liquer that Lando often orders when a sabacc match requires alcoholic consumption. He chooses snillik because it tastes awful, so he must sip it slowly. It is produced somewhere in the Core Systems.

Spice Liquor   
a potent form of alcohol made from fermented spice extracts.

Spot-luma Lum   
this local variety of lum was produced on Adarlon, and was popular at The Glow Dome.

Starshine Special   
this was a special additive developed for use in alcoholic drinks during the last years of the Old Republic. Because of its highly-secret formula and expensive cost, starshine special was only available to those beings who knew the coded gesture used to ask for it.

Starshine Surprise   
a mixed, alcoholic beverage. It is named for the first you notice after drinking one: the starfield whirling in front of your eyes as you hit the ground.

Stim Tea   
a strong, steeped beverage that has the side effect of raising a person's alertness, much like coffeine.

this was a strong form of caf, brewed to provide an instat burst of energy.

this frozen concoction must be carefully consumed, for it is served at intensely cold temperatures. If spilled, it can cause serious damage to unprotected skin.

Sullustan Gin   
an intergalactic alcoholic spirit.

this was a form of synthetic milk, developed to provide calcium and other nutrients to beings who lived on planets which had no source of natural milk.

an alcoholic drink made from equal parts of ethanol and Lyme's rose juice.

Tarine Tea   
a drink brewed on Kuan, it has been made for many generations. Custom dictates that the leaves be first scraped, then arranged in a certain pattern in the pot before boiling water is added and the leaves steeped.

Tarkenian Nightflower   
an alcoholic drink.

Tatooine Sunburn   
a thick, bitter-tasting alcoholic beverage, the Tatooine Sunburn was created by placing two Starshine Surprises in one glass, and was named for the twin stars Tatoo I and Tatoo II.

Tatooine Yagbitter   
this dry, bitter ale was produced on the planet Tatooine.

TGM Protein Fruit Concentrate Refresher   
this beverage, produced by the technology corporation TransGalMeg Industries, is a staple of the company's employees.

Thikkiian Brandy   
this potent alcoholic beverages is created by Wookiees.

Thuris Stout   
this dark, heavy-bodied beer is brewed in Thuris Sector.

Ti'il Tea   
this is a hot beverage brewed from the t'iil plant's leaves. It is assumed this is another spelled of t'iil.

a sparkling alcoholic drink similar to champagne, served chilled for best flavor.

a warm beverage brewed on the planet Gamorr.

this drink, created in the bars of Il Avali on Druckenwell, had a weird, chartreuse color.

this intense, Twi'leki liquor was bottled in a sculpted decanter. Thaddeus Ross often drank a bottle of this liquor whenever he felt that hislife couldn't get any worse. Some beings worried that the taste of the liqour would be awful, but it was actually the aftertaste the floored most drinkers.

a drink popular in the Corporate Sector.

a drink made from Corellian brandy and fruit extract.

Tyrellian Ale   
a brew favored by the inhabitants of the planet Yelsain.

Ugorian Spore-gruel   
this is the preferred alcoholic beverage of the Ugor race.

this beverage, produced on the planet Merisee, was brewed from toz grains.

this brand of utoz was popular in the Elrood Sector, and was brewed in great quantities on Merisee. The natives of Elrood Sector considered Utozz to be something of a delicacy, but many visitors to the sector found it barely drinkable.

Vasarian Brandy   
an intoxicating beverage favored by Trackan Sal-Solo.

Vaschean Rye   
a fermented spirit created on Vasch.

this drink is served warm.

Venaarian Cringe-Ale   
this bitter, yellow-colored beer was produced on the planet Venaari.

Veronian Berry Wine   
a non-alcoholic drink.

Vinta Harvest Ale   
this microbrewed beer was produced by Tradium. It was specially brewed for serving during the height of the podracing season on the planet Malastare, at the running of the Vinta Harvest Classic. The marketing campaign revolved around the following description: "When the races get tough, the tough reach for Vinta!"

Vishay Water   
this is a mildly alcoholic, carbonated beverage.

Vistulo brandale   
an interstellar spirit. '49 is decent vintage, but '46 is better.

a pure, distilled water which was fortified with vitamins and sold by the bottle.

a fermented drink favored by the Quarren, it is made from the seaweed native to the Calamarian seas. It has a barely palatable taste, but it really packs a wallop.

Weg Brew   
this was a micro-brewed beer, favored in the Mid and Outer Rim Territories.

Whyren's Reserve   
this is one of the best brands of Corellian whiskey. Tal'dira called it "Whyr'rensreserve."

an alcoholic beverage made with Sullustan gin and stirred, not shaken.

Wroonian Ale   
this was a fermented malt beverage brewed on the planet Wroona.

this relatively strong liquor was popular on Tatooine during the last decades of the Old Republic.

Yartigan Well Water   
this sparklingly clear mineral water was served in many bars throughout the galaxy.

this warm beverage was favored by the Witches of Dathomir, during the last decades of the Old Republic.

Zadarian Brandy   
a smooth, fermented alcohol.

Zairana Ale   
a brew favored by the Azzameen family.

Zeltronian Spiced Wine   
Dengar had drunk too much of this the night before Jabba died, and so he missed the trip to the Pit of Carkoon.

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