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Alright, the first thing you need to play in the YYSWRPA (from now on I shall refer to the YYSWRPA as the "galaxy" or "YY") is a character.


A character is a person of your own creation who you control in the "galaxy". You create your character's personality, choose his/her species, and even a profession if you want to.

Keep in mind you may have only one character in the "galaxy" at a time. You can make a new character if your old one dies or is retired by you, but you must start all over as far as attributes are concerned. 


Every player starts with 600 experience (XP) and whatever bonuses their profession entitles them to.  He/She must then separate their starting XP into 6 or 7 different skills. There must be a minimum of 50 experience points in each skill (excepting the force skill if your character is not force sensitive) but beyond that the choice is yours.




  • Melee Combat - Melee Combat is used for hand to hand battles and strength weapons (i.e. vibro blades, vibro axe, daggers, hunting knifes) in personnel battles. The skill may also be used for tests of strength outside of battles.

  • Ranged Combat - Ranged Combat is used when a character is firing a ranged weapon in personnel combat such as blasters,  blaster rifles,  and throwing knifes. It may also be used for accuracy tests.

  • Ground Vehicle - This skill is for utilizing ground vehicles such as speeders, AT-ATs, and Sandcrawlers.

  • Pilot Capital - Your skill at Pilot Capital determines how well you can command a capital vessel such as Correllian Corvettes or Star Destroyers.

  • Pilot Light - Any starship that isn't a capital is considered a light starship and uses this skill for piloting. Light starships include starfighters like the X-wing and Tie fighter and small freighters like the YT-1300.

  • Perception - This skill is used primarily when playing sabaac. In addition it is possible to haggle lower prices for purchases from the store.

  • Force Strength - If your character is force sensitive he/she will also have force strength with which to divide up his initial experience. As your character's strength in the force increases your character will gain access to greater abilities in the force. (Abilities that can be used in the battle generator as well as in role-playing situations).





  • A character receives a base 250 credit a week allowance just for participating.

  • A new character receives 600 XP and 1000 credits and whatever bonus your profession entitles you to.

  • Characters choose their race, profession, XP allocation and a small biography and description of appearance i.e. age, scars, hair color.

Rand's Advice


Things you do and say while in character (IC for short) have consequences. For example, if you are stopped by an imperial and you say ‘go kiss a wookie’ and give him the finger he and his friends will probably beat your character up or throw him in jail. Remember your character can always die. You can do a lot here, anything you could do in Star Wars, but you won’t always win battles or complete missions. If you play well, though, you will do alright. The game is only limited by our collective imagination or web-space.