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 How To Play

There are a couple rules to playing in the YYSWRPA (abbreviation for Yoda's Yarns Star Wars Role Playing Arena), and they are outlined here. Please take some time and skim through these pages.

A few brief comments...

Topics in the Ezboard are called ?Threads?. They represent single incidents or adventures.  You can treat your threads in a linear manner, your first thread came first then your next thread then your next.  Or you can have some threads start before your previous threads or well after.  The board will move in a linear fashion though. Don?t worry about the timeline, it works itself out.

What you should know is that your character will probably be active in several threads at once. This is fine as long as you remember that you can not buy things then use them in a thread you were already in, unless you role-play doing this. Get it?

If all this leaves you confused and bewildered don't sweat it - all the complicated stuff is done for you, all you have to worry about is where you want your xp to go and writing interesting role-plays.