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Signing Up

  • Step 1: Choose a name that you like, but please don't choose an actual star wars character as we avoid that here.

If you can't think of one this site might help: The Star Wars Random Name Generator

  • Step 3: You'll probably want to choose one of the professions listed in the How to Play section as each profession has its own bonuses. Right now they include:



Dark Jedi/Sith



Imperial Officer

New Republic Officer


Bounty Hunter





  • Step 4: Your character has 600 experience points to distribute between either 6 or 7 skills. The skills include:

Melee Combat

Ranged Combat

Ground Vehicle

Pilot Capital (Starship)

Pilot Light (Starship)


Force Strength

If you decided that your character should be force sensitive then include the force skill in your distribution of experience points if not do not include the force skill. There must be a minimum of 50 experience points placed in each skill (if your character is not force sensitive then do not count the force skill) initially. However beyond that you may place them as you please. Descriptions of each skill can be found in the How to Play section. Keep in mind any experience bonuses you may receive you may have extra experience to start off with depending on your character's profession.

Note: No character may begin with a Lightsaber thought they may begin construction immediately.

  • Step 5: You may want to write a description of your character and/or include an image.

Your information will be added to the roster and you'll be ready to play at the role-playing arena.

 A Note for those unsure of how or when to post:

Yoda's Yarns is an open galaxy. You can post where or when you like and do what you like so long as its realistic. Open a thread in General Role-playing about exploring a new planet and even have the planet added to the galaxy map or open a thread in cantina about kicking back and having a meal. Feel free to join anyone else's thread as well so long as you're not harassing them. We're easy here at YY and moderators will let you know if you can't do something and they'll do it politely so please feel comfortable.