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Perception Check
50 GliS Medpack  
Varies Antidotes Varies






Moderate: 100

Difficult: 200

3000 Ysalamiri Difficult: 300
2000 Bacta Tank


4000 Sith Lanvarok  
4000 Sith Mask Force Check 300
5000 Sith Amulet Force Check 300
5000 Sith Talisman Force Check 300
6000 Sith Sword Force Check 350
6000 Sith Poison Force Check 400
  All Sith Items require a RP  



GliS Medpack

50 Credits

This emergency medpack was produced by Chiewab. GliS was the designation for "General Life-Sustaining," and was designed to treat contusions, broken bones, burns, and other traumatic injuries. It had limited diagnostic capabilities, and could only store information on a single species. Special modules were available to provide data on thousands of species, and could be swapped in and out quickly.


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  • -5 damage a day (cumulative with Medical Droid)

  • Heals 5 damage points a day in addition to a characters natural healing of 5 damage points a day.



Bacta Tank

2000 Credits

A cylindrical tank into which a person can be submerged for extensive exposure to the healing properties of bacta.


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  • A Bacta Tank can only function when supplied with Bacta.

  • -20 damage a day (exclusive of all other medical devices)

  • Heals 20 damage points a day in addition to a characters natural healing of 5 damage points a day.




50 credits: Difficult (200)

100 credits: Moderate (100)

150 credits: no G/B check or failure


A rejuvenatory fluid that circulates healing bacteria around a wound to speed recovery, bacta was originally created by the Vratix. The fluid contained living organisms that help speed a patient's recovery by latching onto a wound and aiding in the regeneration process. It was first created by the Vratix, on Thyferra, by combining the chemical kavam with the organic lotion alazhi. The small human population on Thyferra was placed in charge of two corporations, Zaltin and Xucphra, and their small human management teams controlled huge populations of Vratix laborers. When Palpatine became Emperor, he decreed that the two corporations would be the sole providers of bacta for the galaxy, giving them a monopoly on its production but indebting them both to the Empire. Because of the monopoly and the prices they could charge, the corporations created an export-quality bacta and a Thyferran version. The Thyferran version was much more potent than its export version, which had lesser healing properties to drive up the demand. During the early years of the New Republic, Ysanne Isard tried to cripple the Republic by restricting the availability of bacta in two ways: first, she let loose the Krytos virus on Coruscant; second, she took control of the planet Thyferra. The Republic began taking great strides to preserve its supply of bacta, including reclaiming any unused bacta from patients who were immersed in a bacta tank. This practice continued for another 15 to 20 years until bacta production could be fully re-established under New Republic auspices. There was a rumor of a band of renegade Twi'lek pirates who would immerse their captives in bacta during interrogation sessions. They would then run electricity through the bacta, torturing their victims to the point of death, and then remove the electricity. They would allow the bacta to heal the victim, then start the electricity again.


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  • One purchase can supply a Bacta Tank for one day.




3000 credits

 Perception Check: Difficult (300)


  Slender, grey-furred creatures that create null-bubbles in the Force, the ysalamiri are native to the planet Myrkr. The bubble can be up to 10 meters in diameter. They attach their bodies to tree limbs and obtain nourishment from the wood, and will soon die if separated from their perch. They can reach lengths up to 50 centimeters, and have fur-covered scales.

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  • Ysalamiri negate force effects in and around a character.

  • Ysalamiri are targetable in a battle; damage of 10 or larger will kill the ysalamiri.

  • To be hit penalty to character: +5% to be hit as the ysalamiri must be carried in tank on back.

  • -10% to all actions of a Knight Lvl Force User within range

  • -15% to all actions of a Master Lvl Force user within range



Sith Lanvarok

4000 credits

 Force Check: Difficult (300)


  A forearm mounted razor disc launcher. A Ranged physical weapon that hurls discs. Can only use one time per battle generation scene. Next time a Sith request a gen it'll act as reloading between scenes. Anyone can use it, but since this is a Sith artifact, use by true Sith can add their melee damage for an additional 10 damage.

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  • Damage: 5 - 25 Physical Damage

  • If used by a True Sith, can use +10 melee damage bonus

  • Can only be created by True Sith


Sith Mask

4000 credits

 Force Check: Difficult (300)


  A Sith Mask will hide the wearer from detection from the Force. It will null the wearer's Force aura like the Darkness power. A Sith Mask must be worn to take effect. All masks must have a notably menacing look.

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  • If worn the it will mask the Force user's aura. No Force user can detect the Sith at all as long as it's worn

  • Can only be created and used by True Sith


Sith Amulet

5000 credits

 Force Check: Difficult (300)


  Built in the form of studded gauntlets to enhance the dark sider's power.

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  • +10 damage when using force bolt or lightning

  • Can only be created and used by True Sith



Sith Talisman

5000 credits

 Force Check: Difficult (300)


  Provides the wearer with limited protection from lightsaber blades, blasters, and force weapons.

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  • Effects: For every 100 XP in Force rounded down (IE 395 will be 300), it provides an energy/physical/Force deflection bonus of 1. So a Sith with 300 in Force Strength will be provided with a deflection of 3 vs. Energy/Physical/Force attacks.

  • Can only be created and used by a True Sith


Sith Sword

6000 credits

 Force Check: Difficult (350)


  A Sith Sword is imbued and created with ancient Sith magics. Before the time of lightsabers these were the weapons wielded by True Sith. Able to hold their own against lightsabers while providing abilities like blaster deflection, combat bonuses, and strong enough to resist the lightsaber enegy so as to not be destroyed. But as lightsabers became popular the sword fell in favor of the energy swords. All Sith Swords are two handed and look very menacing. Whenever a force user is within the sensing range of this Sith weapon it radiates dark side energy that can be sensed with a sense force check. When spotted and recognized there is no mistake that the wielder is a True Sith.

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  • Damage: 10-40 Physical Damage

  • Can use lightsaber combat bonuses in combat (Usually not available to weapons other than Lightsabers)

  • Can deflect blasters like lightsabers

  • Cannot be destroyed by lightsabers

  • Can only be created and used by True Sith


Sith Poison

6000 credits

 Force Check: Difficult (400)


  A devious poison using ancient Sith magicks imbued by the dark side of the Force. Each creation makes one dose. When inflicted into an opponents blood stream it causes serious damage that only a Jedi Healer can undo. The effects are more profound on Light Side Users. Can be applied to a physical weapon to coat it. Penalties will be applied on the opponent that next weapon hits. Can not be applied to lightsabers or blasters, must be on a physical surface.

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  • Damage: Deals 30 poison damage (no save)

  • Damage is not healable!

  • Victim receives penalties for light wounds until healed

  • A Light Side user can not use any light side powers unless they make a force check of 400 just to attempt a power (Can bypass if Light Side user agrees to a DSP, then they can use the Ligh Side power normally, even applies to self-healing of Reduce Injury)

  • A Sith can only create and use this Poison

  • A Sith can only create and have 1 dose at a time

  • Can only be healed by a Jedi with Reduce Injury power at Near Death Wounds Difficulty level (350)





  Cures for almost every poison or toxin in the galaxy. Though some are rare and expensive, they work wonders.
To use any of these Antidotes in battle, you cannot preform any other action during that round.
Each Kit contains a single dose. The level of the kit corresponds to the level of poisons it works on. Higher level kits will work on lower level poisons but not the reverse..

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Level 1 Antidote Kit: 200 credits
Level 2 Antidote Kit: 600 credits, 100 perception check
Level 3 Antidote Kit: 1800 credits, 200 perception check
Level 4 Antidote Kit: 3000 credits, 300 perception check
Level 5 Antidote Kit: The only "known" poison of this level are poisons created by Sith Lords. There are no cures as no samples have ever been obtained.