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Polite Posting

1. Don't God-Mode (play another's character). i.e. I can't write that in my post that Bendan starts picking his nose then goes to eat it, but Rand knocks his hand away and smacks Bendan for being gross. That's not fair to Bendan, (though he does it in real life enough). Actually you can do that, but nothing else like it.


2. Stay logical. No super powers (except Jedi powers). No illogical stuff, but that doesn't mean you can't be creative just make sure that I can believe it (I am Rand by the way) if I don't think it could happen it wouldn't. Just Be Logical. Okay.



3. Remember, OOC means out of character so don't use information you learned in OOC (sometimes called OCC) in IC (in character). Understand...no...well that's okay just remember that real life is different from Star Wars roleplaying, and sometimes you make comments that....oh forget it.



4. If there is a misunderstanding of the rules or between characters. Moderators have the right to moderate and the Admins will be the interpreters of  the rules, as we made them. (But I can overrule anybody, because I wrote the rules and I have huge powers and HAHAHA!)



5. This is probably the most important rule and the most obvious. No swearing! This is a "family" place and we have young uns here (Barada) and I just don't want the cursing. If you have to say something emphatically be creative, swear in different languages or make up your own curses like this #$%@*^!. If you swear the post will be deleted and you will be slapped on the hand, if you do it again you will be on probation (banned for a couple of weeks or something). And so on.



6. This is just more about rule 5, but no one would read much more of that^. So this rule is no doing this: F**k or this S**t. We all no what you mean and it's swearing so that B*lls**t doesn't fly okay.