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It is up to the Sabacc Moderator's discretion whether a sabacc game has had sufficient roleplaying to warrant a generation.

A character is allowed only one sabacc generation a day, two times a week, and may only have one generation request in the sabacc generating thread at any given time.

Playing against the dealer

Gamblers can only receive XP from playing a dealer.

The dealer's XP is dependant on the amount bet. The following table is used to determine dealer Perception XP:

Credits Bet XP of Dealer Difficulty Rating
1-50 50 Easy
51-150 100 Moderate
151-300 150 Moderate
301-500 200 Difficult
501-1000 250 Very Difficult
1001-2000 300 Heroic
2001-5000 350 Heroic
5001- 400 Heroic

Also, every time a character wins against the house there is a 15% chance he won with an actual Sabacc (a score of 23) in which case his winnings will be tripled (This does not apply to character vs. character games).

A minimum of 250 credits must be bet in order to receive XP after a game.

5 XP will go to the Gambler's perception if he wins the hand.

Sabaac Between Characters

Each player states how much they will bring bet for the hand. The generator will generate "hits" as in a personnel battle and whoever scores the most out of the three (more if there are ties) wins the hand and the other person's credits.

A minimum of 100 credits must be bet by each player in order to receive XP after a game. And only a gambler can gain the 5xp if he wins.